How to Vote

If you are not registered to vote in the March 6 primary elections (or don’t know if you are), check your registration online by Monday, February 5. Otherwise, you may not be able to vote this year. In November, the entire Virginia legislature was decided by one person’s vote! Don’t let your vote be wasted. Let’s show Texas how much each vote matters.


1. Check if you are registered (most citizens 18+ should be registered, especially if you have a driver’s license):

2. Use the drop down box on the right side and choose either your driver’s license number (TDL) or your name and county to find out if you are registered.

3. If your registration is suspended, but you have not moved outside of your county, you can renew it online

4. If you have never been registered, or have moved to a new county, you MUST mail in your registration with postmark of Monday, February 5

Where to Vote

Early voting - go to any location between February 20 and March 2 to cast your ballot. Here are the locations and times for early voting:

Fort Bend County:

Brazoria County:

Harris County:

Mail-in Voting

If you will be outside of the district on voting days, you can cast your ballot through mail, if you request a ballot by February 23 through mail or email.

Ft Bend:; email:

Brazoria:; email:

Harris:, email:

Election Day

If you vote on Election Day, March 6, you must go to your local precinct to vote. You can check this location with first link above:

How to Vote

For primary elections, whether by mail or in person, you must choose a Democratic ballot or a Republican ballot. Anyone can choose either ballot, no matter which party they belong to or who they voted for in the past. But, you must choose one ballot and cannot vote in both elections.

For example, if you want to vote for Sri Kulkarni for U.S. Congress, you MUST choose the Democratic ballot.