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Problem-solving takes a back-seat to divisive politics in Washington, and it’s failing the people of Houston. I’ve dedicated my career to bringing people to the table, listening to their problems, and finding solutions that move communities forward. I’m running for Congress because it’s time Washington does the same. Progress for the people of our district – not partisan politics – is what we need.

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Meet Sri Kulkarni

A lifelong public servant who has helped forge consensus around the world in areas rife with conflict, Sri Kulkarni will use his experience to rise above political divisiveness in Congress and find solutions for our community and our nation.

Sri was raised in a middle-class home in Houston. When Sri's father was diagnosed with leukemia during Sri's freshman year at University of Texas, his family struggled to afford the costs of treatment, which left them on the verge of bankruptcy. Sri dropped out of school, returned home to assist with care for his father. After Sri's father passed, Sri helped raise his younger siblings and worked several jobs to get through school and graduate with honors from UT. These formative experiences fuel Sri’s dedication to creating new opportunities for the people of Houston to achieve the American dream.

After graduation and inspired by a calling to serve his country, Sri was commissioned as a United States Foreign Service Officer by Secretary of State Colin Powell. For 14 years Sri did tours overseas in Iraq, Israel, Russia, Taiwan, and Jamaica, promoting values such as women’s rights, free press, and religious tolerance while working to bring conflicting and even violent adversaries together to find common ground and establish peace.

Upon returning to the United States, Sri received a Pearson Fellowship to serve as a defense, foreign policy, and veterans’ affairs advisor in the U.S. Senate. Later he earned a master’s degree from Harvard University, and started a bipartisan initiative called “Breaking Bread” aimed at reducing the partisan hostility and divisiveness afflicting our country.

Continuing his commitment to public service, Sri is running for Congress to bring that same civility, reason, and fundamental values to Washington. Whether addressing the rising cost of healthcare, new job creation opportunities, or access to quality education, Sri is dedicated to working with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents to find meaningful solutions that put the people of Texas first.

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