Sri Preston Kulkarni for Congress

Texas 22nd District

Important Voting Information:

  • For a ride to the polls, call 1-832-444-4073
  • For questions or problems voting, call 1-844-898-6837
  • To find your nearest polling place, go to Polling place locator
  • Bring your ID: Any valid ID, such as a Texas driver's license, can be used to vote. You do NOT need to bring a voter registration card. If you do not have a TX driver's license, check here for other forms of ID:
  • Find Your Polling Location and Hours: Polls are open from 7 AM to 7 PM. If you live in Fort Bend you may vote at any location. Otherwise you may need to go to your specific polling place. You can find your nearest voting location here
  • How To Vote For Sri: You can vote for Sri Preston Kulkarni by selecting his name under “US Representative, District 22”. Or if you choose to vote Straight Party for Democratic Party, his name will be automatically included

Sri Preston Kulkarni has spent his entire life serving his family, community, and country. A graduate of UT-Austin and Harvard, he served nearly 15 years as a Foreign Service Officer defending American values in places like Iraq and Russia. Now he is running for Congress to defend these values at home. He will fight to make sure that no man, woman, or child in Texas’ 22nd district is without health care, that our public schools are well-funded and safe from gun violence, that our veterans are cared for, that we prioritize scientific evidence over politics on addressing climate change, and that Social Security and Medicare are protected. Learn more about Sri and why he is running in the 22nd Congressional District.